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The time is coming for… Outdoor Relaxation

Are you wishing you could get some?

Outdoor patio furniture around a gas fire pit

Spring is just weeks away and longer, warmer days will arrive. So let’s whet our appetites for the coming

Need some ideas for making your outdoor space more relaxing?

Here are six ways to make it happen:

  1. Make an outdoor living room. Comfy sofas and cushioned chairs will work outside your home just as well as they do inside. Include lots of cushions that invite you to settle in.
  2. Choose deep seating. Lounge chairs and chaise lounges invite you to stretch out and relax. And the more relaxing the experience, the more time you will spend outside.
  3. Buy some planters and hanging baskets. It’s nice to be surrounded by living greenery and blooms. Add some fragrant flowers to add a pleasing scent to your relaxation time.
  4. Make some shady spots. Even though sunshine is great, you won’t want to sit in the blazing sun for long periods.
  5. Listen to splashing or bubbling water. It’s one of nature’s most relaxing sounds. So don’t forget to include a fountain in your backyard oasis.
  6. Include a fire pit. A little extra warmth will keep you enjoying the evening a little longer. The crackling logs and the soft glow of the firelight add a special ambience to the setting.

What are some benefits of retreating to your outside space?

  1. Boost your creativity – Have writer’s block or some other “unsolvable” problem? Getting outside refocuses your attention. Green outdoor spaces are especially good for improving concentration.
  2. Improve your mood – Sunlight is a key factor here. And we all love to see the sunshine. In fact, the decreased amount of sunshine in the winter is what tends to give people the “winter blues.” As the days get longer and warmer, take advantage of the sunshine and get outside on your deck. It’s a great place to visit with friends or to read a new book! Being outside helps people feel less anxious and stressed.
  3. Get more sleep – Yes, you can take a snooze on your lounge chair! But scientists tell us that our eye cells need light to keep our internal clock working properly, and that enables us to get better sleep at night.

Dutch Home has beautiful, durable poly furniture for all your special outdoor spaces.

poly adirondack chairs around a fire pit
poly outdoor dining set on dock by the water
poly sette in flower garden by lake

All American-Made Products

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