Amish Country Farmer’s Market

November 24 - December 2, 2023

Old barn style shed with white wood siding

Shed Removal & Relocation Services

Are you moving to a new property and want to take your shed with you? Or perhaps you purchased a new shed and you need your old one removed. Dutch Home provides a shed removal service for your convenience. Fill out the Shed Removal Form or give us a call at 302-204-0869 for a quote.

Shed Removal & Relocation Form

Details About Your Shed

The following fields are optional, but helpful. Please answer as many of the questions as you can to help us know if we can move your shed and give you an accurate quote. 

Is the Shed anchored to the Ground?
Can the shed be accessed by a truck and trailer?
Is the shed empty of its contents?
Is there electric in the shed?
Is the shed on skids? (Is it mobile?)

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