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the "made in the USA" difference

After finally locating the furniture you wanted, you find yourself looking at the “Made in USA” label, and then at the price tag, which is just a bit more than you expected. Naturally, you wonder if it is worth the price. 

Beyond patriotism, what is at stake when you support (or don’t support) the red, white, and blue?

Why should I buy furniture “Made in the USA”?

You’ll get higher quality.

If your new product wears out quickly, you will soon be shopping again. Low quality furniture producers don’t care if your furniture wears out quickly, because this contributes to a steady demand for their products.

American craftsmen however, take pride in their work. Beginning with high quality materials, they dedicate their skills to excellent craftsmanship, and are delighted to present you with quality products that can last a lifetime.

High-quality American furniture is not mass produced, but handcrafted with great care.

It is more environmentally-friendly.

Imported lumber or furniture cannot be regulated or guaranteed to be sustainably-sourced. But in the USA, lumber companies are held to high standards by the government to ensure safe and sustainable practices.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans discard more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings every year. Of that amount, 80%, or over 9 million tons, ends up in landfills. Durable furniture is a sustainable choice.

By purchasing from local businesses, you can decrease shipping costs and reduce the carbon footprint. Also, American production methods must meet emissions guidelines, something that cannot be regulated in foreign manufacturing processes.

It benefits the economy.

Buying products “Made in the USA” is less about patriotism and more about supporting the economy and stabilizing our own future.

When you buy furniture made in the USA you are creating and maintaining jobs for other Americans workers. Supporting American businesses and increasing demand for American manufacturing is a cycle that will affect the economy of today and of the future.

Money spent within a community, rather than going out of the community to corporations or big box stores, will cycle among the citizens and boost the local economy.

According to a study by Michigan State University, supporting your local businesses rather than the big corporations can keep twice as much money cycling within the community.

“Shopping at local businesses creates more local jobs than shopping at major chain or online companies. Local businesses not only pay their employees, they also spend money at other local businesses. That means by buying local, you help create jobs for your friends and neighbors, contribute to improved public infrastructure, and invest in your community both socially and economically.” Michigan State University

Locally owned businesses are also much more likely to contribute to local charities or fundraisers than national businesses are.

Local buying also promotes entrepreneurship. With more entrepreneurs, you will have even more local options for all your different needs.

Local stores offer more personal service.

Have you ever been treated as an annoyance at the big box stores rather than as a real person? The prices at the big stores may be enticing, but the service you will find at local stores is far better. You are much more likely to get the down-home kind of service that recognizes you as a person with needs and feelings.

Local furniture stores often offer customization options as well. Want a…? Need a non-standard size? Infatuated with a trendy new color? You can bring your own ideas and order a truly you-nique piece.

How can I identify solid wood furniture made in the USA?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in American made furniture. How do you know if you are getting high quality furniture? To help you make informed decisions, we’ve compiled a list of things to note as you shop.

It feels sturdy.

Consider how the piece of furniture sits on the floor. Is it level? Does it wobble, twist or creak? Sit on it. A well-built piece will feel strong and firm.

The price aligns to high value.

If it really is solid wood furniture made in the USA, you can expect it to be priced accordingly. Low price most likely means low quality.

It is heavy.

Better material usually weighs more. Solid hardwood weighs more than particleboard, for example.

It is built of real wood.

High quality furniture is made of solid hardwood, without the use of  particleboard or veneer. What does the tag say it is constructed of? Where was the piece built?

It appears well-constructed.

Do you see screws or nail holes? A piece made with dovetail, mortise & tenon, or doweled joints will be superior to one with staples, glue, or finishing nails. If it has drawers, do they open and close smoothly? (And stay closed when you want them to?)

What does Dutch Home offer?

Solid wood furniture “Made in the USA”

Dutch Home offers 100% “Made in USA” furniture handcrafted by local Amish artisans. Their dedication to quality and detail is handed down from generation to generation and is seen in every piece. Many of our local manufacturing partners learned their woodworking craft from their dads and granddads in workshops on the family farm.

Our craftsmen use only solid hardwoods like maple, oak, and cherry. No particle board or laminates in these pieces!. Each piece is carefully hand-selected to ensure the perfect grain match, resulting in an exceptional product.

Whether you are furnishing a kitchen, dining area, living room, office, or bedroom, Dutch Home has something for you. If you aren’t seeing what you want, talk to us about our complete customization process.

And, every piece is “Made in the USA”- imported from absolutely nowhere.

Various American-made outdoor structures

Dutch Home retails sheds as well as other outdoor structures, such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, animal shelters, and play sets.

We offer customization on all our outdoor structures. Choose from multiple styles and features and colors. Mix and match to create the look you envision for your unique space.

Crafted with exceptional care from the finest materials, these structures will endure for many years and memorable moments of life.

Always made in the USA. Never imported.

High quality outdoor furniture “Made in the USA”

Dutch Home’s poly furniture has a maintenance level near zero, needing only an occasional wash from your garden hose. It requires no painting or staining or resealing. Poly is also splinter free and resistant to salt and insect damage.

Long life is a signature feature of Dutch Home’s poly outdoor furniture. Because it is impervious to moisture, poly outdoor furniture will not rot and is also resistant to mold and fading.

Your investment will delight you for many years, regardless of the weather or usage it endures.

Custom cabinetry “Made in the USA”

Whether it’s cabinets for the kitchen or bookshelves for the office, Dutch Homes cabinets are built of solid wood–meant to endure and add beauty to any room.

All our cabinets are completely customizable, so no matter what space you have or what sizes you need, we are willing to discuss the options.


We will happily deliver and install new sheds or other outdoor structures to locations within 2 hours of our store.

Because poly is impervious to moisture, any paint or stain will bead and roll off. The good news is that poly has its color throughout the material, so you wont need to worry about touching up scratches.

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