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November 24 - December 2, 2023

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If you have done much furniture shopping in eastern Pennsylvania, you’ve probably seen and heard the terms handcrafted, Amish-crafted, Amish-built or Amish furniture. What do these terms really mean? What difference does it make to you as a consumer?

What We Mean by Amish-crafted or Amish-built Furniture

When we use terms like handcrafted, Amish-crafted, Amish-built, or Amish furniture, we are implying these items were built by skilled craftsmen belonging to a conservative Mennonite or Amish religious group. These artisans incorporate handcrafting techniques with careful construction to produce premium quality products.

What are the benefits of Amish-crafted furniture?

The Amish possess skilled craftsmanship.

Where do Amish craftsmen gain their expertise? Rather than going to a technical school to learn a trade, the Amish expertise has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

This happens largely due to the family-oriented culture among the Amish. They often live very closely together and work side-by-side. This makes it easy for the younger generation to pick up the trade skills of their elders- often at a very young age.

The Amish are also known for a strong work ethic. The culture oriented around family and the emphasis on teamwork teaches children early on how to work hard.

From the generations of knowledge and early exposure to the trade, steeped in a culture that values a strong work ethic, a master craftsman is born.

Amish furniture is crafted with conscientious workmanship.

Integrity is a vital part of Amish culture. They believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. As you might expect, their work shows this well.

Amish furniture is made with quality materials from start to finish. Even the obscure parts are created with care and excellence.

Amish furniture is crafted with a “do it right” attitude – no corners cut and no details ignored.

“The Amish woodworkers pride themselves in their work and view their products as both pieces of art and furnishings to be used and lived in for generations.” Wikipedia

(Learn more about Amish culture from experts such as Donald Kraybill, Eric Wesner, and others here.)

The furniture is durable & long-lasting.

If you don’t like furniture shopping, you’ll appreciate the longevity of Amish furniture.

Built of solid hardwoods, never particleboard or laminate, handcrafted furniture can endure everyday usage for decades. Buy it once; buy it for life.

There is a strong resale market for Amish furniture.

An Amish-crafted piece of furniture is steeped in value. Because of its sturdy reputation for good quality, Amish furniture retains a high value on the resale market. If you need to sell your furniture, you will be able to recover part of your original cost.

Amish furniture is crafted in an eco-friendly way.

Amish furniture is made of solid wood using traditional hand tools like chisels, planes, and saws. They also often use pneumatic tools (fueled by diesel power & run by pressured air) like sanders and buffers. These traditional methods typically mean fewer resources and chemicals used in production.

Secondly, due to the long life of Amish furniture, consumers need to buy furniture less frequently. Less buying means fewer production and shipping costs. Less shipping also means less fossil fuel, fewer carbon emissions, and lower global impact.

Buying “Made in the USA” Amish furniture also supports the local economy.

And not least, Amish furniture reduces landfill waste. You’ll need to buy and throw away multiple sets of furniture in the time it takes to wear out one sturdy Amish-made one. Beyond that, when a piece of Amish furniture is truly worn out, it is biodegradable. No hazards. No landfill.

What is the Amish Furniture Difference?

Amish furniture is expertly handcrafted by artisans.

Amish tradesmen are artists in their own right. Amish-made furniture comes with generations’ worth of expertise and quality crafted right into every piece. No furniture is mass-produced. Each piece is handcrafted to bring you excellent quality.

Amish furniture exhibits a timeless air.

Embrace the timeless beauty of Amish-made furniture. Available in a variety of stains and finishes that highlight the texture and grain of its solid wood, handcrafted furniture has a classic appeal.

With its clean lines and simple elegance, Amish furniture will enhance any room it’s in.

Amish furniture is heirloom quality.

Have you ever wondered what happened to furniture that lasted for decades and got passed on as a family heirloom? We’re glad to tell you it still exists.

Amish-made furniture is handcrafted of high quality hardwoods, using time-tested building building techniques. With proper care and maintenance, our Amish furniture can easily last for generations.

Buying Amish crafted furniture is creating an opportunity to pass on heirloom furniture to your children and grandchildren.

Why Buy Amish Furniture from Dutch Home?

We use quality hardwoods sourced in the USA.

Using only USA-sourced hardwoods like maple, oak, and cherry, our craftsmen work with skill and precision to create exceptional products.

Dutch Home has something for every taste, whether you enjoy the straight lines and exposed joinery of Mission-style furniture, the elegant simplicity of the Shaker style, or the traditional look of country-style furniture.

Our furniture is entirely customizable.

We offer 100% customization, which means you get to choose the wood, the stain or paint, the specific features, and the exact size for your furniture.

Why Buy Amish-built Sheds & Outdoor Structures from Dutch Home?

Our sheds are built with expert craftsmanship.

Our Amish built sheds and outdoor structures are carefully constructed by skilled craftsmen. These Amish craftsmen have coupled the knowledge of past generations with the latest innovative techniques to deliver a superior product.

Our craftsmen use only superior quality materials.

Prefabricated structures may be easy enough to find in the big box stores. But will that satisfy your needs, and will it continue to satisfy your needs for years to come?

Excellent products cannot be created with inferior materials. That’s why we begin with superior quality materials for our Amish-built sheds and outdoor structures.

Our sheds and outdoor structures have customizable features.

Are you searching for something specific? Our sheds are customizable so you can get the style and colors that suit you best.

We also make swing sets, pergolas, and pavilions- all to your specifications.

Amish Crafted FAQs

Yes. As mentioned above, Amish furniture is known for being durable and long lasting, as well as beautiful. Because of this reputation, Amish crafted furniture has a strong resale market.

No. Our Amish furniture is built without toxic glues or formaldehyde.

No, our Amish furniture is made by local craftsmen. Learn more on our 100% Made in the USA page.

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