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the advantage of 100% custom furniture, cabinetry, and outdoor structures

An empty house isn’t much of a home. Whether you are filling a completely empty space with its first furniture or simply upgrading a well-worn chair, your new furniture should perfectly fit your lifestyle and perfectly reflect your unique identity. 

And often, cookie-cutter furniture or stock cabinetry just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you are wondering, “Is custom furniture really worth the higher price tag?” “Is custom furniture the right option for me?” Here are some important answers to your custom furniture questions.

Why should I buy custom furniture?

You can choose your own features.

When you buy custom furniture, you can get exactly what you want. Maple, cherry, oak–choose your favorite wood and have it stained the perfect tint. Choose the perfect hardware and upholstery for furniture that perfectly fills your dreams.

And because wood grain varies, no two pieces of custom furniture are identical, giving you a lovely, one-of-a-kind piece. Who says you can’t have it your way?

You can order the specific size needed for your space.

Does your family room have unique proportions? Is the space between your refrigerator and stove a little too large for a standard kitchen cabinet? You don’t need to squeeze a “too big” sofa into your home or settle for an awkward-looking spacer panel in your kitchen. Custom furniture and cabinets are made to fit your unique space.

Maybe your petite frame is overwhelmed by typical deep recliners. Or maybe your 3T legs dangle uncomfortably beyond the normal dining chairs. Whatever your size, our furniture can be customized for your comfort! Even Goldilocks will find your new chair “just right!”

You will get higher quality and better durability.

When you order a custom piece of furniture, you know it is not mass-produced but handcrafted to your specifications. Our craftsmen partners create each unique piece with pride and precision.

Our craftsmen aren’t cutting corners to crank out cheap pieces and earn quantity bonuses. They craft each piece of furniture as if it will be going into their own home. Handcrafted furniture delivers high quality and lasting durability that won’t disappoint you.

What does Dutch Home offer in custom wood furniture?

Our materials are hand-selected.

Before constructing a piece of furniture, a craftsman must first choose his materials. Each of our craftsmen carefully hand-selects lumber to ensure beautiful color, freedom from defects, and perfect grain match.

Time-tested handcrafting techniques (like mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery) add even more strength and value to your custom wood furniture.

Our furniture is built of solid wood.

Ever stared with disgust at a delaminating end table? End the headache of dealing with cheap furniture materials by purchasing quality wood furniture.

Our Dutch Home furniture is crafted of solid wood. We never use particle board, laminate, or veneer over low quality wood. Our products are made with premium materials and detailed craftsmanship for your delight.

We offer complete customization as well as in-stock furniture.

There are three ways to buy furniture from Dutch Home:


Stop by one of our stores and take your furniture home today.


Mix and match styles, features, and colors from our preset options.

Completely custom.

Bring in your own idea or picture, and we will discuss how to bring your vision to life.

What is the benefit of installing custom cabinetry?

Custom cabinets are built to fit.

Custom cabinets are built to fit where you want them. Buying stock cabinets will be cheaper upfront, but custom cabinets are built to maximize every bit of space. Plus, you can add the features you would like to have, and you won’t have to spend money on features you won’t use.

Custom cabinets are built to last.

Ever wondered how to fix a kitchen counter swelling from moisture or a utensil drawer that’s continually derailing from its tracks? Cabinets should be reliable and functioning smoothly for years to come.

When your cabinets are custom made, you know they weren’t mass-produced. Custom cabinets are typically handcrafted for superior quality and durability.

What does Dutch Home offer in cabinetry?

Our cabinets are handcrafted and completely customizable.

Our Amish-made cabinets are solid wood, so they’ll endure and add beauty to any room you put them in. Whether you’re looking for kitchen cabinets, vanity or laundry cabinets, or bookcases, we’ve got you covered!

We provide guidance from start to finish.

An outstanding kitchen starts with a great plan. We begin with design and work through all the features you need for your kitchen. Then our team of skilled carpenters will carefully handcraft beautiful custom cabinetry for your home. We’re attentive to the details of your project from design to installation.

What are the benefits of a custom shed?

What are you looking for in a backyard shed? Storage space? A place to tinker with your hobbies? Extended living space? Get the options you want for the needs you have with a custom shed.

You can choose the size you need.

Are you tight on space? With a custom-built shed, you can order the length and width that will fit your backyard and maximize your usable space.

You can add features to answer your needs.

Depending on the intended use of your shed, you may want specific features. When you order a custom shed you can choose features–inside and outside–to create your perfect solution.

Electricity. Plumbing. Insulated windows. Work benches. Cupolas. You dream it and we build it!

What does Dutch Home offer in custom sheds and outdoor structures?

We sell custom sheds.

Whether you’re replacing an outdoor structure or expanding your space, our line of quality backyard sheds is the perfect solution. Get exactly what you need by ordering a custom shed.

Size, style, colors, and features are all yours to decide.

We provide custom pavilions and gazebos.

Need a place in the shade to relax or host your friends? Dutch Home offers gazebos and pavilions custom built to any size you might need. You also get to decide on the color, style, wood or vinyl material, and features.

We install custom pergolas.

Looking for shade over an existing patio? No problem! Our pergolas can be customized to any size to accommodate your needs.

With our pergolas you also get to choose style, color, wood or vinyl material, and certain features.

How do I order custom products from Dutch Home?

1. Contact us.

Give us a call or visit one of our showrooms.

2. Decide which option is best for you.

We are here to help you! We will guide you through the decisions that need to be made- from start to finish.

3. Approve the final draft of the planned project.

Before we begin building, we review drawings and specs with you to ensure that we have captured your vision.

4. Enjoy your beautifully crafted furniture or shed for decades to come!

Your order is ready for you! Make arrangements for pick-up or ask about our shipping options. And finally, sit back and enjoy your beautiful, handcrafted work of art!

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