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Storage Shed Organization. 5 Simple Ideas for Summer Upkeep

Does Your Garage or Storage Shed Look Like This?

Today’s topic is Storage Shed Organization.

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With the amount of “stuff” the average homeowner stores in his garage these days there’s many times not room for what that garage was built for; the family car. In fact, it’s been estimated that only 30% of homeowners actually store their cars in the garage! One practical solution is buying a storage shed to free up space in your garage. All of us know the benefit of backyard storage sheds. Whether large or small when organized properly they can be a great organization tool. Storage shed organization is the key.

Today we’ll look at storage shed organization-5 simple ways to put every inch of your storage space to good use, whether it’s in that messy garage or in your new backyard storage shed. Either way putting one or all of these ideas to use will free up more space for you.

1. Hang it From the Ceiling of your Garage or Storage Shed for Organization

  • Hang your bikes from the ceiling rather than cluttering up your floor.
  • Amazon has a useful cable and pulley system for ceiling bike storage. If you’re a DIY person you can likely even rig something on your own!
  • Another useful Amazon item is a wire ceiling storage basket. Just think of all you could store up above your head in your garage or storage shed.

2. Store it in Plastic Bins in Your Garage

All of us know the versatility of storage using boxes or bins for storage. However, cardboard boxes aren’t the best choice. They deteriorate quickly and seem to attract bugs and moisture like a magnet. Plastic bins are much more durable and can even be sealed pretty tightly depending on the brand. Here are some ideas:

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  • Tired of trying to remember which bin holds what? Check out the system above. This is a great way to keep track of multiple bins and contents! No more opening each one to see what’s inside. Ultimate organization!
  • If you have a storage shed with a loft that’s a perfect place for bins, but we’ll talk more about that later.
  • We love this simple idea for putting your bins on the ceiling of your garage or storage shed!

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  • Stackable bins are another great storage option.

Not sure what the best bin is for your storage use?

3. Put it on the Wall of your New Storage Shed

According to “the single most important clutter busting tip” is to keep things off the floor whenever possible. This site has many more practical tips when it comes to keeping your garage or storage shed clutter free. Besides our first tip (hanging things from the ceiling) your garage or storage shed wall can be the ultimate clutter busting tool in your arsenal.

The picture below shows a slat wall system covering the entire inside of a garage. The same system could be used in any storage shed, or any wall in your house for that matter. The convenient thing about this kind of solution is the versatility you have in not needing to find a wall stud to fasten hangers.

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If your budget won’t allow lining your garage or shed wall in similar fashion, take heart! There are many more economical ways to use your wall for storage.

  • DIY slat wall construction.

It’s also quite possible to build your own slat wall organizer. See the example below from their site. All you need to create your own slat wall are the tools and the time!

  • Pegboard is the old standby when it comes to garage or storage shed organization. Not as visually appealing but just as practical as slat wall and much more economical. You can visit your local Home Depot for this solution.
  • Hang it on a nail! This is one of a total of 23 garage organizer ideas found at Many of them are simple solutions such as this one. Use your imagination when it comes to garage or storage shed organizing ideas!

4. Put it on a Shelf in Your Outside Storage Shed

  • Sometimes, in our search for storage solutions, we overlook the most obvious ones. Shelves are still a great way to store things in your garage or storage shed. Especially when you use up space that would otherwise be wasted.

  • Consolidate your battery-operated tools and more with this simple, hand shelf idea. Great way to make use of wall space in your storage shed!
  • Below is another example of using up wasted space in the unfinished interior of your storage shed.

5. Add a Workbench to Your  Shed

Last but certainly not least when it comes to summer storage shed upkeep is this old favorite: the workbench. The one below caught our eye because of two features: built in saws and the flexibility of being on wheels. Now that’s versatile!

If you want to tackle a DIY workbench project we recommend going to ; there are links to numerus plans for your very own workbench to install in your garage or storage shed this summer.

Squeezed for space? Below is an idea for a simple folding workbench. You’ll find step by step instructions at

Below is a more sophisticated folding workbench capable of holding tools as a bonus

At Dutch Home Outdoors, we’re committed to helping you with your summer upkeep. That means not only giving you ideas how to organize your storage shed, whether it be how to best store garden tools or other homeowner gadgets, it also means we’re here to help you decide when and where to buy a storage shed. Storage shed builders have many ways to meet your needs. Allow us to show you some of those ways.

From the simple style of the 6’ wooden minibarn

To the undeniable charm of a 12×20 A-Frame in woodsy cedar siding…

…when you’re looking for a storage shed for sale near you Dutch Home Outdoors is the place to come!

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