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Fall Storage Shed

When it comes to fall storage shed ideas we have some for you at Dutch Home Outdoors! Whether you’re looking for a place to store firewood, looking for a tiny home, or simply want a few fall storage shed maintenance tips look no further.

What is the best way to store firewood?

While our 10×24 two stall horse barn storage shed with a porch wasn’t built with wood storage in mind you can easily see how the concept would work great for outdoor wood storage. Move the front doors and the built-in lean to on this shed would be ideal to store a few cords of wood while still allowing airflow for drying purposes.

Of course, you could build your own DIY storage shed similar to what can be found on…

…but why bother when you can have us build one on the side of your new backyard storage shed? Store your firewood, all of your garden tools, keep the lawn mower in storage over the winter, and depending on the size shed you may even have room for an antique or two!

Use a Fall Storage Shed for a House

Can you turn a storage shed into a home? With the popularity of tiny homes, it comes as no surprise that some people are considering living in a converted storage shed. Adding insulation to your shed will keep the fall chill outside where it belongs.

This article on goes over some of the steps to take in converting an existing shed into a house. You can save yourself some steps; buy a fully insulated shed from us. We can even finish the inside with drywall or other interior of your choice.

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture a beautiful shed like this as your next tiny home!

She Sheds for Sale Near You!

You’ve all seen the promotions. First there were man caves, then along came the she shed. In some she sheds there’s even room for a mattress in the loft.

When it comes to she sheds (or man caves for that matter) once again we can finish one for you inside and out. Give us a call today to see how much a she shed costs. You can have it in your backyard by the time the leaves fall. What a great fall storage shed idea!

If you’re a handyman or woman you may choose to finish the inside of your she shed yourself.

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Decorate Your Storage Shed for Fall

As the “Empress of Dirt” likes to say, your shed could be the focal point of your garden! Just because your backyard shed is primarily to keep your outdoor self organized doesn’t mean it can’t look good doing it. Imagine one of our many styles of garden sheds dressed up for fall!

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Storage Shed

The last thing you want is to open your shed door next spring only to find contents wet, moldy, or bothered by pests. Here is a checklist to make sure your shed is ready for the fall and winter season.

  1. Clean up your shed

This may sound obvious, but a dirty shed is an invitation for pests of all kinds to make themselves at home. Fall is a good time to clean out all the corners that have been neglected over the busy summer season. It’s not a bad idea to take everything out of the shed to do this.

  1. Inspect Your Shed

This step is a natural follow up to the first step that you may not have thought of. There’s no better time to inspect your shed for any holes or defects that may let water, snow, or critters inside. Anyplace you can see daylight should be repaired. Take special note of the condition of your roof and repair as needed.

  1. Organize your Shed

This is an ideal time to move things back in place in an orderly way. Items not used in the winter months can be stored in the back out of way of snow blowers and other useful winter items. Make sure all bags containing seeds or other animal drawing contents are securely closed. Ideally, they should be in a plastic or metal container that is pest proof.

  1. Paint your Shed

Another obvious point, perhaps but one many shed owners neglect until it’s almost too late. A coat of paint is cheap insurance against rotting and other ugly effects of poor maintenance. Some experts recommend painting your wooden shed once a year since each coat of paint is just one more layer of resistance to weather.

Of course, if you have a shed with vinyl siding like the one below, painting will be the least of your problems!

Turn your Storage Shed into a Fall Potting Shed

One of a gardener’s tasks for the fall months that will soon be upon us is getting ready to protect all of his tender plants. You can prepare a winter place now for your plants by getting a potting shed ready. Potting sheds typically aren’t heavily used until late winter an early spring, but now is the time to get ready for that busy time!

  1. Insulate Your Potting Shed

If you plan to store your plants in your potting shed over the winter prepare now by insulating it. There are a number of options available when it comes to insulation, from fiberglass batting to foam poly sheets.

  1. Heat your Potting Shed

It can be surprisingly easy to heat a small or even medium sized shed. If you have an older shed that is dry the most convenient and perhaps least risky way is with a small electric space heater. Another option is a good gas infrared heater, which you can ook up to either propane or natural gas. These small heaters are available either vented or unvented.

  1. Equip your Potting Shed

Here are a few tips to prepare your shed to be a unique potting shed.

a. Lighting

It’s important to have good lighting in your shed. While natural lighting is always desirable (think skylights or walls filled with windows if you’re purchasing a new shed) there are other ways to ensure that you won’t be working in the dark. Fluorescent lighting is an inexpensive way to ensure that you have plenty of light even on dreary days.

b. Storage

Install plenty of shelving to hold all of your pots and small potting tools. A potting bench at work level is essential as well. Shelves can be installed below the potting bench to hold tools as well as potting soil, etc. 

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Whether you’re looking for a simple storage shed, or one of our other ideas for fall come see us today at either of our locations. We’ll be happy to show you the quality and versatility of our line of sheds. Call or come see us today!

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