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Spring into a New Storage Shed!

Let’s get a head start on spring 2020 with some great ideas for your spring storage shed. Storage sheds are one of the most economical ways to add storage space to your property, especially considering the cost of putting an addition onto your house. Why spend all that money, not to mention the dirt and dust throughout your home for weeks. Spring into a new storage shed instead!

Of course, storage isn’t the only thing sheds are good for. In this day of man caves and she sheds you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to a good use for a shed. From an office to a sewing room, no good use is left behind. Come take a walk with us in the world of sheds.

Storage Shed Foundations

Start your storage shed off on the right foot with a solid foundation.

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If you don’t mind physical labor, you can create your own foundation for your storage shed. With all of the tools available at rental stores you can even tackle a concrete pad. Less labor-intensive foundations include a crushed stone base and piers.

Dutch Home Outdoors also provides site preparation services. See this page for details.

Repurposed Storage Sheds

Consider repurposing some salvaged building materials to create an interesting shed like the one below. You can even repurpose some old windows to make your own creation!

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Have an old shed on your property that needs some sprucing up? A bit of paint and landscaping around your shed and it will look brand new! The shed pictured was purchased unpainted, and the owner did all the finishing touches. Take a look at some great ideas! If your old shed is beyond repair check out our shed removal service here.

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Finish Your Own She Shed or Man Cave

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Don’t let the unfinished shed interior above discourage you! If you’re handy with woodworking tools and have time on your hands you too can turn the image above into this:

Primed shiplap wood can easily be installed by a DIY homeowner. Self-stick flooring made the job of finishing off that part of this she shed a breeze! In this case, you can save costs by having a shed finished on the outside, then take your time finishing the inside on your own time.

Creativity for Your Backyard Shed

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When it comes to backyard sheds feel free to think outside the box! has a great article with many photos that will give you ideas of what will look best in your particular setting. From a woodsy look to a storage shed that has all the trimmings of a modern house. From rustic finishes to vinyl siding. All of these and more are available at Dutch Home Outdoors!

Spring Cleaning tips for your Storage Shed

It’s funny how springtime pushes that “let’s clean up and organize” button in a lot of humans! Actually, in all of nature, there is a certain expectancy in cool spring mornings, as well as warm spring days. Flowers begin to push out of the soft earth. The animal kingdom comes alive.
It’s also a time of allergies for many people, but maybe we’re not aware of some other dangers inherent to springtime. Check out this article at for some timely tips on things to watch out for when spring cleaning your shed.

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Spring shed cleaning time is also a good time to reorganize your storage shed. Especially if it’s a small shed, consider moving everything out, cleaning and sterilizing the inside of your shed, and maybe even putting a new organizing system in place. See our blog on storage shed organization here.
If you tend to be a packrat this may be a good time to take an honest look at everything in your storage shed and asking yourself “Have I used this recently?” If not now is an excellent time to give that item a new home in your dumpster!

Check out this tip filled spring cleaning video from Scotts Lawn service. A bit of TLC for your garden tools now can save you from running to the hardware store for replacements in the heat of summer!

Come see us at one of our three locations. You can find us at the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Middletown Delaware, at the Westtown Amish Market in West Chester PA, or at Amish Country Farmers Market in Easton, Maryland. We would be happy to take the time to help YOU spring into a new storage shed!


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