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Garden Table with Border

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Available Widths: 35″, 46″
Available Lengths: 48″, 60″, 72″, 96″

Product Details

GA-TaB-35×48 – 35″w x 48″d x 30″h GA-TaB-35×60 – 35″w x 60″d x 30″h GA-TaB-35×72 – 35″w x 72″d x 30″h GA-TaB-35×96 – 35″w x 96″d x 30″h GA-TaB-46×48 – 46″w x 48″d x 30″h GA-TaB-46×60 – 46″w x 60″d x 30″h GA-TaB-46×72 – 46″w x 72″d x 30″h GA-TaB-46×96 – 46″w x 96″d x 30″h

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