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Working From Home? Need Office Furniture?

Set up an ideal home office!

Get focused!

Do you find it a constant challenge to stay focused when working from home? Consider this: does your work space entice you to stay or drive you away? A few changes can make the difference between focus and distraction!

Home office with Amish handcrafted oak furniture

Your space

Whether large or small, a dedicated area for working can help you stay on task.

Style and Color

This is your space, and you want to get work done in it. What style will assist you in that? What colors will inspire you? Neutral hues are restful and pull you in to meditate. Perhaps an accent wall or a pop of color in your furnishings will be your ticket to inspiration.


Natural light is key to boosting your mood and enthusiasm, so utilize any windows you have. Keep in mind though, that strong sunlight on a computer screen will be unpleasant. You may need blinds or some other window treatment.


The light in your work space is crucial. Aim for a combination of natural, ceiling, and task lighting (such as floor and table lamps). Consider how light fixture placement may cause or reduce light glare.

Climate Control

Do you have a method to control the temperature? Stuffy spaces don’t usually generate inspiration. Should you consider a ceiling fan?

Amish handcrafted maple office furniture.

Your Furniture

Whether you like spending time in your office or not can depend on how the furniture fits your needs and style.


How will you arrange your pieces? As much as possible, go for a spacious feel. A crowded room may make your mind feel cramped.


Are you envisioning a contemporary room? Is rustic more your style? Maybe simple elegance is your choice. Options abound; you only need to choose your favorite.


What piece of furniture will fit your need? Do you want a traditional kneehole desk? Does your space and budget allow for acorner desk with a hutch and bookshelves? Other options vary from simple desk tables to elaborate computer desks to revolutionary leanin desks. Additional components to consider are filing cabinets, corner tables, and chairs.


How much storage will you need? Office furniture provides varying storage capacities. Would you appreciate an additional bookshelf or two? A matching file cabinet?


You will be spending a lot of time in your chair, so be sure to get one that fits you. There’s nothing that will drive you from your work like an uncomfortable chair!

Amish crafted corner desk with hutch

Your Decor

Your home office is part of your environment. Make it a pleasant place to be!


Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to create an invigorating work space. Plants provide oxygen and purify the air, improving mental health and concentration. Choose hardy, low maintenance houseplants for easiest success.

Personal Effects

If a certain photo makes you happy, or if a piece of art inspires you, incorporate it into your decor. Surround yourself with the beauty that inspires you.


Having adequate cleared work space can prevent claustrophobic brain fog. Keep clutter to a minimum. If you spend just a few moments organizing before you leave, you’ll have a more welcoming space when you return.

Handcrafted office chairs in 3 styles.

Want to update your office?

Dutch Home Furnishings offers solid wood, Amish-made furniture for your ideal home office. We are located in West Chester, PA and Middletown, DE. We look forward to serving you!

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